Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

If you find yourself in a relationship with liars on a constant basis, we should blame the liar of course for the act itself; however this is an opportunity to look inward. On an elementary level what makes children lie? Not that they like it but that there is a certain atmosphere that creates it. Intimidation is one of them. If a child lies it’s to stay out of trouble or to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.  We can all agree that it is wrong however given an open atmosphere without fear there would be no need for one to lie. Sometimes we can be intimidating and create an atmosphere where a person doesn’t or cannot be forward. I consistently talk about positive and negative energy, in this case a positive open non-intimidating atmosphere goes a long way to creating an honest relationship. On the other hand if you do have this atmosphere and your spouse or lover still consistently lies to you, we have an entirely different problem. Remember also that a part of love is accepting, and if you must lie then there is a part of you that you feel will not be accepted and so the relationship itself is in question.

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