Your Self-Esteem

apicSelf-esteem is an internal view and judgment of not just who and what you are, but it is your view of other people’s perception of whom and what you are. One thing is certain, your self-esteem is yours and is yours to control. We sometimes let other people dictate how we feel about ourselves and this is always a slippery slope. In relationships your mate should never dictate how you feel about you. Ifs/he says your fat you shouldn’t feel down. To that person I say that if your mate doesn’t love every single part of you then you must question the motives of that person being in a relationship with you, secondly who cares. It’s your body; if you are comfortable with you then you are not the problem. You don’t have the problem with you, they have the problem with you and their problem is not yours to deal with. Don’t take it upon yourself to deal with a problem that is not your own. Know yourself, love yourself and improve yourself only for you not for others.

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