Women at times must be able to balance the need for independence and freedom, with loving and being a partner to their mate. The reason some relationships fail is that their is an upset to this balance, to understand why you must understand the mind of the Male Species. Men traditionally are to be the protectors and the providers, the givers. Woman traditionally to be the caretakers, and the receivers. Today this is not so, however the elementary state of the man and woman are still the same. Today women want their independence and want to do things on their own, at the same time receiving the same affection and attention from the male counterpart. Unless there is a perfect balance, the reason this doesn’t work is the primal instinct of what makes a man a MAN is disappearing. If my instinct is to protect you to love you to “bring home the bacon” But you are completely and solely independent, My usefulness to you is gone. Whether you agree or not you have just made me meaningless in the relationship. Now how we as men respond to that is up to us. We can accept being meaningless, we can try to maintain an equal footing (best case) or we try to downgrade our counterparts. I am disgusted with the latter. Any man who feels threatened by there woman enough to want to make her feel like she is below dirt simply because of her progress and independence is not a man to me. At the same time ladies understand that our instinct is to be the Lion. You can be independent , but also present opportunities for the lion to be just that. Remember there is a difference in a relationship between independence and interdependence. Men and women are interdependent and the sooner we realize that the better our two species will be. Too much independence is a recipe for loneliness and bitterness. None of us are meant to be completely independent. Lets work together. Let’s bring back unity in love.

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