Set Your Standards

Why do we ignore the first signs of crazy. Usually we are caught by surprise when s/he does something destructive towards you. However most times these situations are actually avoidable if we pay attention to our potential mates when we court. The little white lie you overlooked, the agressive tone used in small situations, procrastination with excuses, and many more. Our hearts blind us to the realities, but if we take our emotions out of it and look at the persons actions objectively it might tell a different story. Never toss away the small things in the begining, and follow your gut. There are signs of an abusive mate before they became your mate, there are signs of a liar or a cheater before you get involved. Pay attention to the signs. Avoid the heartache and pain you may recieve later. Create standards for yourself and stick to them. We may never find perfection, but we will find a matchYoung couple having an argument
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