Listen To Your Mate

Many times relationships start to go downhill when we cease to pay attention. Pretending to listen to her is not the same as actually listening, and ignoring his problems doesn’t make them go away. Women know when you’re not listening because what they are waiting for is a response. If you are not paying attention you will not know what she needs to hear from you in regards to her situation. Our responses to women need to reflect actual concern for their issues because the truth is, if her issues are not important to you then you may need to take a second look at the relationship. On the other hand men don’t always make their problems vocal and so knowing your mate, paying attention to his actions will tell you more about him than his lips. If you ignore the problem because the problem isn’t vocalized it can seem as if you don’t care to the guy. In these situations it’s best to let him know that you will support him, over time it will come out.

Broken crystal Heart: unrequited love

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